As soon as you reach the pod

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As soon as you reach the pod

Messaggioda Veiveismart » 3/5/21 08:14

Players of another group cannot be passed through. Once everyone is discharged from the pods, then the 16th pod will shine yellow. Everyone will get a minimap arrow pointing into the pod. The RS gold intention of the game is to reach the pod. Getting into the shredder requires you to traverse the paths or take a brief cut through the"mira".

As soon as you reach the pod it is possible to attempt to enter it. If it's empty and you've defeated other teams to it, then you input it and immediatly gain 5% defence, strength and attack bonus. If another group is currently in you can attack themupon beating them you get control of the pod. Whoever has control of the bunny by the end counts as the OSRS buy gold winning group. The winning team also gets a hat and cape of your team to keep.

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